Nutralyfe Re-Gain Plus

Voted No. 1 Hair Oil In India To Grow Hair In Just 30 Days

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Nutralyfe Regain Plus is now rated as No. 1 Ayurvedic Hair oil in India. This formulation is certified by Ministry Of Ayush. Regain Plus has become the best seller for stopping hair fall, baldness, and scalp issues.

The best thing is that Regain Plus is absolutely free from side effects and safe to use. This Ayurvedic Hair Treatment is ready for delivery within 4-5 working days. Discounted Price- 1,799 Volume-200ml.

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Customer Reviews (265)

Karan - 2018-02-8

Verified Purchase

Good Product! This oil really works. I have done a lot of research about the product before ordering it. It helped me to gain my hair back. I am happy and now ready to order the next bottle. Awesome!

Prakash_Rawat - 2018-02-12

Verified Purchase

Thanks for making it available for the customers. I was fed up with the chemical products. I loved it for stopping my severe hair fall problem and bring back the hairs. Thanks a lot for this great product.

Srinivasan - 2018-02-18

Verified Purchase

Got it today. Heard a lot about it. Hoping for the best.

Meghna - 2018-02-31

Verified Purchase

I was highly disappointed with the chemical oils and shampoos of the market. I was worried that it does not work. But I am happy that I was wrong. It worked so well that my hair thinning problem is almost gone. Nowadays the new hair is growing and guess what! It does not have any side effects.

Rajnesh - 2018-03-5

Verified Purchase

Big thumbs up for the Oil. Best oil for those who have hair fall problem. I am using it for 2 months now and it reduces the hair loss problem. My hair got thick. I had dandruff also. It is the best solution. No chemicals and I can see the improvements. Really Grateful.

Bhanu - 2018-03-12

Does this Oil have any side effects? I am willing to buy it. Will you deliver it to Pune?

Waseem - 2018-03-15

Verified Purchase

Firstly, thanks to you Guys for this wonderful hair oil. It gives me 100% satisfaction. But the only disappointing fact is that the delivery is not fast. It took around 4-5 days to reach. What I expected was a normal hair oil but to my surprised I found it better than the oils available in the market. It has all the herbal ingredients. It effectively stopped my hair fall problem and now I am getting my thick and soft hair back. I used this oil as per the tip and within a month it shows result. Really Impressed but please deliver it fast.

Gokul - 2018-03-18

The Purchase link is not working. Please fix it so that I can buy it.

Anna Rajan - 2018-03-21

Verified Purchase

Average product. My age is 50 years. I have used this hair oil. But got medium result. I recommend it for those who are below 40 years of age. Not very happy.

Richard - 2018-03-22

Verified Purchase

Good product with decent result. No chemicals in there. It’s herbal and works well to stop hair thinning. I have thoroughly researched on this oil. I think that this is a genuine product. I am worried that I have to pay in advance. I want to opt for Cash on Delivery. Thanks.

Suresh - 2018-03-26

Verified Purchase

It works!!! I am happy cum shocked that It really works wonder and give me positive results in such a short time. Ready to order the 3 Bottle.

Sreyash-Kolkata - 2018-03-28

Verified Purchase

I am not happy with the delivery. I got my product delivered after 3 days of actual delivery date. Please send it Early.

Vijayant kumar - 2018-03-30

Verified Purchase

I am using this oil from February and you can’t believe that it reduces my hair fall within 1st 15 days. Now I have got my normal hair back and it does not smell odd. I read about it and came to know that it’s 100% herbal. I love this oil for its wonderful result. Thanks a lot.

Sunil Sekhawat - 2018-03-31

Verified Purchase

Two words is enough- IT WORKS!!!!!

Durga Devi - 2018-04-04

Is it equally effective for women? I am losing my hair and my lining also. Please confirm Fast. Also mention whether it’s herbal or not? Thanks

Harkesh - 2018-04-06

Verified Purchase

The people who are planning to buy this oil I have an advice for them. Please remember that this product only starts growing hair within 15 to 20 days but if you want actual result and to sort your problem for long run, use it as per the recommendations. This oil really works good on you but people should be patient during the process to gain hair and makes it healthy.

Manish - 2018-04-08

Verified Purchase

I have got the product recently. But I have noticed that the bottle has already been broken at the time of delivery. please suggest me if there is any way to replace it or Claim money? Please reply

Shailesh - 2018-04-12

Verified Purchase

Awesome Guys!!! I loved it. I can’t believe that it works so wonderfully. At first, I thought that this oil is just a marketing gimmick but I proved wrong. I am seriously happy that it stopped my age-old problem of hair fall. I was frustrated and now when I know that this oil is the solution, I really appreciate. It smells good and does not have any harmful chemicals. You can know ingredients also.

Balaji - 2018-04-18

Verified Purchase

Works 100%. my hair fall has stopped significantly. I have referred this to my friends and extended family. They all use it and loved it too. Keep the good work going Guys.

Girish Dubey - 2018-04-21

Verified Purchase

It’s costly though it is worthy. Satisfied as it helps me to get back my hair and reduces hair thinning. Please reduce the price.

Suman Kumari - 2018-04-23

Verified Purchase

Loving the way this oil has stopped my hair fall. The tip is amazing. Don’t miss the Oil.

Raghuvendra - 2018-04-25

Hi team, I request you kindly lower the price of Regain Plus. One of my friend has used it and recommended me but I found it pricy.

Vishesha - 2018-04-26

Verified Purchase

This oil gives positive result. Now my hair become dense and thick.

Sriram - 2018-04-27

Verified Purchase

Good product. But it’s important to use as per the recommendation. One question, Is it mandatory to take steam after massaging it on hair? Though my hair got smooth and falling stopped completely

David - 2018-04-28

Verified Purchase

Nice. This oil is nice. Soothing and easy to use. Is it also good for women? I have used it and thankfully my hair thinning has become much less within 15 days.

Freda S - 2018-04-30

Verified Purchase

Superb oil. My severe hair loss stopped in one month. Good service.

Uttam - 2018-05-1

Ordered One. Hoping for good result.

Manesh Chanda - 2018-05-5

Is it works for both men and women? Me and my wife wants to use it. Can you ship order in Coimbatore?

Rahul S Rajan - 2018-05-10

Can I get this Oil at any retail shops in Delhi/Gurgaon?

Muktesh - 2017-05-12

Verified Purchase

ordered today…waiting for product…Finger Crossed

Hiran - 2018-04-12

Verified Purchase

The oil is good but it cost a bit high. Please give some discount.

Krishna - 2018-05-04

Verified Purchase

Recently started using the oil. It made my hair soft. I can feel that my hair fall reduced noticeably but after a month I can tell you the exact result.

Vishnu D - 2017-05-09

Verified Purchase

My first order was 1 bottle and then I ordered 3 bottles the second time. Thank you for keeping the commitment.

Arshia Khatoon - 2018-06-27

Verified Purchase

Delivery time is the only problem. It takes around 7 days to get this product. Please make it fast.

Angrybird - 2018-03-25

Verified Purchase

Why the delivery is late? The product pricing seems to be high.

Samrat - 2018-04-13

Verified Purchase

Guys, seriously improve delivery for this world class product!!!!

Jenna - 2018-04-21

Verified Purchase

I am giving you my honest review after using this Regain Plus hair oil for 1 month. People ask me whether my hair become softer and my hair fall has been stopped or not? Yes. But you have to remember that this oil starts working within 10 to 15 days. If you use this oil continuously, you can see the tiny hairs sprouting from your head. Your hair fall will stop and then you can see your hair getting soft and shiny. It seriously works. At first, I try 1 bottle for testing but then I ordered 4 bottles at one go for my family. This hair oil is worthy God bless.

Gaurav - 2018-05-23

Verified Purchase

100% satisfied. Can you offer Discounts?

Deepa Nair - 2018-03-11

Verified Purchase

Ayurvedic is the best option. Nothing is better than Ayurvedic and herbal formulations.

Faizal Syed - 2018-02-18

Verified Purchase

Oil is Good. I like it. Many people say delivery is bad but I got it on time. Customer care is also good. Rocks Guys…

Murali S - 2018-04-28

Recently got 2 bottles. Awesome. My wife and I both are happy with the result. NOT FRAUD.

Vivsbuds - 2018-05-18

Verified Purchase

It’s cool !!!! worth to buy.

Sheela - 2018-05-08

Verified Purchase

I have got my Oil. Hope it works as it says.

Jayant - 2018-05-22

Please tell me Is it available in any retail store or not? I want to buy this oil.

Rajesh - 2018-04-08

My hair is chemically treated and I wanna know is it effective to stop hair loss? I want to make my hair soft as my softness has totally gone and now my hair is excessively dry. My age is 27. Please tell.

Manoj Rakshit - 2018-05-14

Verified Purchase

Used three weeks and started getting the result. Thanks Regain for this Ayurvedic wonder.

Sudesh - 2018-04-29

Verified Purchase

I have ordered this oil and now I am thanking God for doing this.

Rajiv - 2018-05-19

Is this oil good for Dandruff and dry hair? I tried many oils and shampoo. But no product worked out as per the expectation. Please help.

Shivay - 2018-05-19

It’s out of stock. When Can I get it again?

Jairam Choudhary - 2018-05-17

Verified Purchase

Available in Panipat?